A New Beginning

New Years was a tough holiday for me when I was younger. I was a high strung kid. Not much has changed but some of my OCD has subsided, and I now look forward to the new year as a challenge to become a better person.


I read Debbie Macomber’s “One Perfect Word” a few summers ago and it has stuck in my mind. People always think about setting healthy physical goals, but they often times forget about mental health.
My resolution is to focus on the word “patience” this year. Patience toward coworkers, my job search, my dog, and most important, toward God’s timing. I will also spend time each day with a devotional. Of course, I will need patience in regards to my own progress in finding patience and trusting God more, throughout the year.

Good luck to all of you, in your search to become better, healthier people in 2015! Cheers!