Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start

Change: Finding Who I Am

Today I say goodbye to the place and life I’ve known for the last five years. Moving out of state for college, knowing no one, was one of the best and most liberating decisions I have ever made. It allowed me to find myself and decide how I wanted to live my life.

After switching majors, traveling the state, country and world, graduating, and working a few different jobs, I’m closer to finding my happiness, and how I want to live out the next phase of my life.

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I’m moving to Austin to live out the lifestyle I love. I’ll be surrounded by young professionals like myself, exploring and enjoying life to the fullest; working jobs that teach them new things and spending evenings on the lake, at a new restaurant, or with friends.

I’m looking forward to discovering the city and myself.
Change can be good. Don’t be afraid to try something new.


Now What?

The big day came and went. I am an official graduate of Texas Tech University. While a college degree is not super special nowadays, and largely expected of any professional ending the field, I am proud of the accomplishment.
But yet I still feel a bit let down by it all.

Four years ago, I imagined this moment changing my life. Yet, here I stand in almost the same position I was in a few months ago. I live in the same apartment, I have the same job. I had this big idea that my whole life would change, for the better of course, and was disappointed when I found my expectations were unrealistic.

But then I remember, a large majority of everyone I graduated with is in the same position I am in. A few have internships, but they will end in a few months. Very few have full time jobs. We are all in this rut of not knowing how our life will turn out.

Reading about a former classmate comment on her own search for all the answers, I found reassurance in the unknown. Waiting for everything to fall into place is one of the hardest things to do, but knowing others have gone through this same struggle and have made it to the other side, is enough to push me to keep working at it.
I will find a full time job. I will find another place to live. I will find happiness in my life choices.