The Power of Written Word

As a writer, journalist, and communications professional, I know the power of words. I certainly endorse written work, if for no other reason than to keep a job – but really we can learn so much, just from reading others’ writing.

I was reminded of this when I reviewed a particular blog post I wrote a couple years ago, after finishing my internship with Indianapolis Monthly. I learned about different writing styles, online, print and digital editing, but also how to scour through information of all sorts, to simply educate myself. You never know when seemingly random information, read during downtime, may become useful. Seize the moment.

You can read more about my time as an Indianapolis Monthly intern, here


Countdown to Summer

Summer is beginning for many college students, and it won’t be long before I taste my bit of freedom, as well. What to do during my three months off? Lots!

My new year resolution was to find a journalistic internship. I am so excited for my editorial internship at Indianapolis Monthly this summer!  I interviewed with three different magazines and applied to countless others, but was so happy to accept Indianapolis Monthly’s offer!

While interning, I am going to try writing a separate blog just to record my experiences and all I know I’ll learn while at the magazine. Tune in, here!

I am also using this summer as the start of my mid-year resolutions. I am excited to make the most out of my internship, but I am also excited to use my summer to improve myself in preparation for the start of my senior year in college. This time next year, I’ll be graduating college…scary!

Mid-year Resolutions

  • Make connections – with Indianapolis Monthly, Emmis Communications, other magazines, television stations, newspapers, alumni from my college, random people on the street. Anyone and everyone could be a vital source for help, advice or a job in the next year!
  • Read a book a month. This is a result of my nonfiction English class this semester. It just so happens that we finished our four book right as the month of April ended, so I now feel obligated to keep up the book-a-month roll that I am on. It is amazing the interest your mind produces when reading unexpected books.
  • Write everyday. This is also a result of my English class. It doesn’t matter what you write, I just think it is important to write something, everyday. A blog post, an article for the magazine, a journal entry, a postcard to a friend – anything!
  • Create and stick-to a realistic budget that can be easily transitioned into my life after graduation when I get my first “real world” or “big girl” job a year from now.

Internship Search

As the month begins to come to a close, I am pleased with my effort to continue my New Year resolution: Find an Internship.
As a journalism student at my university, it is required for all students to have an internship by the time graduation comes around, so whether I want to complete an internship or not, I have to.
Even so, I get super excited with each application I send out. I am really interested in culture; travel, architecture, history, food, and fashion. As a result, I have focused most of my internship search on magazine internships offering opportunities to experience culture
I can’t hope but be optimistic about the kind of opportunities, people, and experiences that will come from the internship.
As nerve-racking as it is to wait for an email or phone call confirming my position as an intern, it is also an exciting and surprisingly freeing experience.
How great is it that I get the chance to do something I love, gain experience in my field of study, and begin a new chapter in my life?