Force Quit on your Losing Streak

Almost a month in, and I’ve stuck to the most important of my new year resolutions: to grow in faith. At the end of last year, I was at odds with relationships in my life and wanted to turn everything over to God. Not only would dedicating the New Year to God bring me closer to Jesus, I felt doing so would also give me the answers I needed to mend the troubles I was having.


In order to hold myself accountable, I made a list of 12 people in my life I wanted to either improve my relationship with or needed to forgive; I make a similar list of 12 topics I wanted to focus on, in order to be a better Christian. I decided I would consciously pray each day for the person I dedicated that month to, and would read specific scripture each day addressing the topic of the month.
The list included subjects such as my parents, my sister, specific friends, my desire for a boyfriend, and working to overcome the negative perception of news. Topics included forgiveness, jealousy, worry, judgment, and being enough for myself.

What I’ve learned in my first month is that both mending and growing relationships, with people and God, takes time. I approached the resolution with optimism and was quickly rewarded with lines of open communication between me and the person I chose for January. But praying and reading the Bible does not automatically grant me positive mending every day. I’ve learned this is a process – there will be days I feel I’ve taken a step back. Yet, overall, I feel more complete. In just one month, a peace has overcome me. While I know there will be days and months full of ups and downs in 2017, I also know I have a God that I can always turn to. And as I grow in this journey, I hope to learn how to better listen and hear His voice, in all the times I turn to Him.


Disclaimer: I have not stuck to my resolutions to practice French twice a week or practice piano three days a week.


My Passion

In one of my journalism classes this past fall, we had to write a blog post about our passion. I knew I immediately wanted to speak about my passion for architecture, writing and traveling, but I was almost overwhelmed at how to go about this simple assignment.
I am so passionate about traveling and experiencing other cultures that it becomes difficult to put into words at times.
In the fifth grade I somehow decided to become an architect. I had never taken architectural related classes before, nor were either of my parents in the field. I just came up with the idea and ran with it. In high school I took engineering classes which introduced architectural programs to the students, as well as participated in an intensive, 2-week immersive architectural workshop at a university in Indiana, but  other than that I had no experience in architecture. Despite the fact that I lack a talent for drawing and do not come from the most diverse of families, I wanted to be diverse and become a renowned and respected architect, so I started my freshman year in college as an architecture student. After 1-1/2 years, I switched my major to journalism, where I am now, with a minor in architecture.
While I still love architecture and still consider it a passion of mine, more than just designing buildings, I wanted to share my love for architecture with others. I thought writing about it, and expanding my passion into culture as a whole, would really please me.


This passion began when I took a random elective class my junior year in high school, Advanced Cooking. While I love my family I have to confess, they are not the most adventurous of types. I have to respect their lifestyle if I want them to respect the fact that I do not want their way of life, but a more traveled and diverse life.
The cooking class opened up a whole new world to me. I tried foods I didn’t know how to pronounce and learned about new cultures along the way. The class taught me it was very important to give everything and everyone a chance.
The class was made up of multiple graduation classes, social classes, and personalities, but for 70 minutes a day, everyone dropped prior prejudices and just enjoyed the experience. You never know what you can discover by giving something a chance. Try everything once.