Exploring the World Around Me

There is a running joke in Lubbock, Texas (thanks to Texas Tech students) that the city has absolutely nothing to offer but four (or five..or six) years of parties and drinking–while being a studious college student, of course. You get your degree and you move out as soon as possible-or at least you talk about moving out.
I admit, I have fallen into this group of Negative Nancy’s a time or two, but what a difference an internship outside the limits of campus has been for me.

My former boss alerted me to an internship opportunity with an organization known as Texas Plains Trail Region. Before, I had never heard of the TPTR and was unsure of what sort of work they did. I researched it a bit before applying for the internship and was pleasantly surprised to find out they were involved with the travel and tourism industry, in connection historic societies. I thought, “what?! This exists in Lubbock?” I was very excited about the opportunity to practice my writing and communication skills in the tourism industry and was ecstatic when the opportunity was offered to me.

In the six weeks I’ve worked with the TPTR, I have learned so much about Texas and the land around me. I am quick to think, “I can’t wait to travel the world!” And I am still very anxious to do so. But it’s amazing what you will find traveling “the world” closer to your home- the places in your city or just outside. There are adventures, art, culture and history all around us. The greatest lesson I’ve learned so far is to take every new place and experience with an open mind. What may look like a simple museum showcasing farming equipment, could hold the history to the apparel or nutrition industries that I encounter daily.
Each day I work on TPTR work, I learn something new about a place I have hardly heard of or have driven though quickly, without stopping to see what it has to offer. I think it’s about time I take advantage of living in such a large state and state exploring the world I currently live in, while saving to explore the world a little further away.