God Save the Queen..and my laptop

I spent two weeks in London, England and probably lost about 20 pounds (of weight, that is). Thank goodness I am in some sort of shape! Deciding to take the stairs in the tube station just to look up half way and see you still have four flights to go? Well, I just had to laugh.

Two flights and two delays later, I finally made it! But my computer did not…
Because this was a study abroad trip, we had a few assignments to complete. The majority of work was done the semester leading up to the summer trip, but daily journals were to be completed on the trip, and two papers were to be written after returning.

With the lack of a strong wiki signal, I can tell you writing daily journals on my phone and holding it up as I walked around 1998-style was not the highlight of my trip. Nor was spending four hours in Heathrow trying to fill out forms they told me I had to fill out over the phone, but had no idea what I was talking about an hour tube ride from my hotel.

But, what would a trip be without a hiccup or two? After day two, I packed up my broken laptop, never to be thought about again until it was taken to a repair shop upon my return to the U.S.

We packed our days, eight – 12 hours or more, seeing everything there is to see in London. After two weeks, I feel like I actually got to see the majority of what’s in London. If an outsider named something they knew was in the city, I’ve probably been there. But my favorite thing about the trip was running into things I knew about, but had forgotten were in the London.

This happened to me in the British Museum. I studied architecture for three semesters before switching my major to journalism. That third semester, I took an architectural history class that ended up being one of the few positives about the whole semester and something I looked forward to each week.

When you see a 2″ x 3″ picture of magnificent ruins in one of your textbooks, and without realizing it, step into a museum and come face-to-face with a 25′ part of the actual ruin, you have to catch your breath. Tears literally came to my eyes when I saw a part of the Acropolis of Athens. Moments like that are what drive me to travel.

Feel free to take a look at my day to day in London.  It took quite an effort to publish those journals each night!

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