God Save the Queen

The day finally arrived; May 22, the day I was leaving the country for the first time, fulfilling my dreams!


I have never traveled outside the country, but I have traveled in the U.S. quite a bit; both by car and by plane; both with family and friends, and on my own. I am attuned to almost all travel problems and pretty much expect them ever time I do travel, so I was not surprised when I ran into flight delays, but I was a bit worried because I couldn’t just catch another flight to London at any time. Not only were we required to be in London by a certain time, international flights are not as prevalent as flights connecting to U.S. cities. What saved me? My connecting flight also had a delay (go figure).


Last site of America for two weeks!

I was too excited to sleep much (or was it all the space I had…) but time still went by pretty quickly. I will never forget when I first set eyes on the city of London, from a few hundred feet in the air as my plane turned sharply in preparation for landing. It was out of a book. Look up pictures of London, and it was the most picturesque version of all of them combined. I studied architecture for 1 1/2 years before I started studying journalism, and when I saw the Gherkin building, I lost my breath. It was so surreal to me.


The Gherkin Building

Before I even set foot on English soil, I feel in love with it. After two weeks, I was sold. Stay tuned for a quick update of the best summer trip I’ve ever taken.


[One of my biggest travel tips if you are flying is to get a long connection, if you can. Think waiting three hours for your connecting flight is boring? How fun is sleeping in the airport all night because you missed your connection by 10 minutes when your first flight was late and you scheduled a connecting flight only 45 minutes from your first flight landing? I always shoot for two to three hour connections.]


One thought on “God Save the Queen

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed our capital city! ;D Can I tempt you back to England to see some of our other amazing cities and sights?

    I would add to that final travel tip (an excellent one by the way) that if your trip is long enough and you have the time, why not turn the connection into a 2 or 3 day city break? Break up the flight even more and explore a new place too! (This generally works best on longer trips i.e over a month so you don’t cut into your trip time too much).

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