I’ll be needing a passport

My university puts on so many different career fairs, major fairs, and job fairs to remember each individual one, but I do remember working one particular major fair in the Fall 2012 semester last year when I learned about an opportunity to study abroad for two weeks in London, England. I instantly lost interest in the fair and helping promote my college to shy high school students (oops) and instantly became interested in everything this study-abroad-experienced student had to say.

I have been interested in travel for quite some time now, but I have never traveled outside of the U.S. Going to London sounded like a dream to me, and something I needed to act upon fast, as my college career is flying by.

I schedule a meeting with the professor leading the trip (brownie points). Turns out, over 100 kids are interested in this 25 maximum student study abroad trip. Cool. And I learn the trip will cost approximately $6,000 – not quite a deal for two college classes, but it does include two weeks in London, England, don’t forget (Ahhem, Mom and Dad).

So I apply, I have to. When will I get this opportunity again? I get an interview, which I have to reschedule due to a lovely airline not being able to handle a measly 1/4″ of snow as the Dallas/Fort Worth airport (says this Cincinnati native).  But have no fear, I was able to fit in an interview the following week. Later the same afternoon I have been accepted into the program! The experience of a lifetime will follow.


3 thoughts on “I’ll be needing a passport

  1. Good luck! Enjoy your travels in London and make the most of every single second of the experience (although $6000? seriously?!?!) I can guarantee once you have tasted the wanderlust, you will want more! So I’d start planning for a gap year after university now! ;D

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