Journalism: Uncovered

As an aspiring journalist (more like an aspiring writer, but with a journalism degree, I feel I should own the profession as well), I am well aware of the reputation journalists have. And it’s not a good one.
I have had numerous conversations, even with my own mother, trying to defend the profession and at least some of the professionals in it.

The truth is, the profession of journalism is just like every other profession – there are honest professionals in the field, ones that really make a break-through for all, and those that are dishonest and ruin the reputation of all other journalists. The profession is no worse than any other profession, in my opinion. The difference with journalism is that the profession is so outward and public. One mistake, one dishonest journalist and the whole profession is blamed and judged.

I love the profession of journalism for the good it presents the world, all the knowledge and awareness it sheds light on.

One of my favorite things about my experience with journalism is all the new, truly neat things I have the pleasure of learning from my sources. I very rarely use every single piece of information I learn from speaking with a source, but I always listen to everything because I know I will learn something new and unexpected.
I find it a treat to work in the journalism profession, as I feel I almost get an “insider look” on untraditional people or ideas, and I consider myself very lucky to have been given the opportunity to share my experiences with others.


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