Internship Search

As the month begins to come to a close, I am pleased with my effort to continue my New Year resolution: Find an Internship.
As a journalism student at my university, it is required for all students to have an internship by the time graduation comes around, so whether I want to complete an internship or not, I have to.
Even so, I get super excited with each application I send out. I am really interested in culture; travel, architecture, history, food, and fashion. As a result, I have focused most of my internship search on magazine internships offering opportunities to experience culture
I can’t hope but be optimistic about the kind of opportunities, people, and experiences that will come from the internship.
As nerve-racking as it is to wait for an email or phone call confirming my position as an intern, it is also an exciting and surprisingly freeing experience.
How great is it that I get the chance to do something I love, gain experience in my field of study, and begin a new chapter in my life?


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