My Passion

In one of my journalism classes this past fall, we had to write a blog post about our passion. I knew I immediately wanted to speak about my passion for architecture, writing and traveling, but I was almost overwhelmed at how to go about this simple assignment.
I am so passionate about traveling and experiencing other cultures that it becomes difficult to put into words at times.
In the fifth grade I somehow decided to become an architect. I had never taken architectural related classes before, nor were either of my parents in the field. I just came up with the idea and ran with it. In high school I took engineering classes which introduced architectural programs to the students, as well as participated in an intensive, 2-week immersive architectural workshop at a university in Indiana, but  other than that I had no experience in architecture. Despite the fact that I lack a talent for drawing and do not come from the most diverse of families, I wanted to be diverse and become a renowned and respected architect, so I started my freshman year in college as an architecture student. After 1-1/2 years, I switched my major to journalism, where I am now, with a minor in architecture.
While I still love architecture and still consider it a passion of mine, more than just designing buildings, I wanted to share my love for architecture with others. I thought writing about it, and expanding my passion into culture as a whole, would really please me.


This passion began when I took a random elective class my junior year in high school, Advanced Cooking. While I love my family I have to confess, they are not the most adventurous of types. I have to respect their lifestyle if I want them to respect the fact that I do not want their way of life, but a more traveled and diverse life.
The cooking class opened up a whole new world to me. I tried foods I didn’t know how to pronounce and learned about new cultures along the way. The class taught me it was very important to give everything and everyone a chance.
The class was made up of multiple graduation classes, social classes, and personalities, but for 70 minutes a day, everyone dropped prior prejudices and just enjoyed the experience. You never know what you can discover by giving something a chance. Try everything once.


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