This past weekend I traveled from Lubbock, Texas to the Cincinnati, Ohio area with an old college roommate. As we were passing another unknown mile marker in one of the six states on our two day trek, I got to thinking about how insignificant this trip seemed.
The planning for the trip took place in a matter of minutes, simply what time we were leaving, what hotel we were stopping at, and where we would be meeting my parents. As we drove the some 1,000 miles, I thought about how easy it was to travel, as young college students with two dogs.
As humans we really are flexible. We can go from different time zones and situations without much effort. It amazes me how quickly and easily we are able to adjust in unfamiliar situations.
The ability to adjust to the unknown is such an invaluable characteristic, to me. Life throws the unknown at us often, and the ability to not only be ok with the unknown but to adjust and make the most of it, really proves our control and maturity.
In the upcoming year, I hope to keep this control and maturity in mind, to help me face even the most difficult of situations and circumstances.


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