Courage is always rewarded

On the last day of my reporting class this semester, my professor left us with a few words of wisdom: “Courage is always rewarded.”
I rushed to write it down, as if it was something we were going to be tested over. I thought it was such a great, inspirational quotation.
When I think about this quotation, I think of the upcoming new year. What do you want to change next year? What do you want to accomplish, or tackle? Whatever it is, it is going to take courage.
Oftentimes we make new year resolutions about things we have wanted to accomplish for quite some time, but for one reason or another we get distracted or discouraged and give up before accomplishing the resolution.
It takes a lot of courage to accomplish our goals.
I think the key to success is to take on your resolution slowly and to document each successful step. Don’t expect to accomplish your goal in a few weeks; spend the whole year really working and cultivating it. You may be surprised by the results. You may accomplish your goal, or you may realize a different goal of more importance.
Whatever the newfound insight may be, you surely will be rewarded.
This year, I encourage you to build up the courage to follow through and accomplish a new year resolution, allowing whatever may come of it, happen.


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